What is a Legal Nails Defense Plan and
How Does it Work?

Instead of paying a lawyer expensive hourly fees, you pay a small monthly fee and get access to experienced attorneys that can help you with any legal issue. With Legal Nails Defense, you get legal help, not a huge legal bill.

See What Our Plans Cover

Owner Plans

Get coverage for you and your loved ones in case of accidents, life events, or just simple document reviews.

Employee Plan

Make sure your company has the help it needs with document reviews, debt collection, debt process, and more.

Other Legal Services

Keep your employees happy and your benefits competitive by including legal and identity theft protection.

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How Legal Plans Work

Let’s be honest, legal issues get expensive, time is valuable, and attorneys charge $100s per hour. With a legal plan, you know up front what you’re going to get, and our attorneys are incentivized to spend time with you; not watch the clock.

Legal issues can be confusing, complicated, and even a little embarrassing. Save time, save money, and protect yourself and your family with a legal plan. Americans have trusted LegalShield for over 45 years, so join today.

“I originally joined Legal Nails Defense because I wanted to get my will completed. However, I have kept my membership because of the value it provides. I feel good knowing that if I have a legal question or if I need help with a legal document, I can contact Legal Nails Defense . I would highly recommend this company, and in fact, I have referred some of my friends and family members.”
John Doe